September 27, 2013

Lady Body 2.1

"Lady Body" [LB] - TES 5 "Skyrim": Female Body Replacer with complete armor & clothes adaptation
Work belong to Krista original can be found here. I only translated and uploaded.
Version: 2.1 - Date: 11.02.2013
Author: Krista
Helped at creation:
Sefcheg, CGMaik, MorisArty, TemnyiKot - I'm immensely grateful to them.

I tired to see these obscene alterations of a vanilla body. By altering the vanilla body the people for some reason don't want to realise that their replacers inherited bugs existed in a vanilla body. I quite assume they suit many users and they don't trouble with that.
They don't suit me but the normal replacer is not created (very surprised) for some reason.
That's why I decided to create my own female body replacer, which I called "Lady Body" [LB].

In this mod:

1. Complete alteration of a female game body.
2. High-res textures.
3. Complete adaptation of all clothes and armor.
4. Replace all NPC bodies (NPCs use the new body so as your character).
5. Different versions of the body on your choice:
- naked (by default),
- clothed (underwear) with the ornament on a neck hiding the seam (optional),
- with pubic hair which is total 3D and is not just a usual drawing on a texture (optional).
6. Replacing thieves guild master's armor with Bianka's complete set from "The Witcer 2" game.
7. Replacing Linwe's thieves guild armor with Triss complete set from "The Witcer 2" game.
8. Replacing The Dark Brotherhood master's armor with the complete set "Underworld".
9. Replacing the leather armor with the complete set "Scout Armor".
10. Added animation character breathing
11. v2.0 - Changed the shape of the breast at the maximum weight (in the direction of the more natural form)
12. v2.0 - Changed the geometry of hands
13. v2.0 - New Geometry brushes to form the third and first person,
14. v2.0 - All female NPCs - began to walk like a woman and not as men (and huscarls including)
15. v2.0 - All the vampires turns off the eye (and elven races including)
16. v2.0 - Becoming a vampire, your character will retain its natural appearance and does not become a monster,
17. v2.0 - Skin underwent complete processing
18. v2.0 - Enhanced customization Sylvan,
19. v2.0 - Added a modified skeleton (dagger on his leg, a sword behind - in your Option),
- In the same folder you will find fix for those on a skeleton "long-legged" women "
20. v2.0 - Also added adaptation of all clothing and armor from the DLC "Dawnguard".
21. v2.0 - Added Lady Body.esm - for those who want to adapt the mod to another, conflicting fashion.
22. v2.0 - HD texture of the body and face are already in the mod and you do not need to install them separately over mod

Upgrade to v2.1:
1. Fix vampire clothes for male characters.
2. Fix legs for 2.0.
3. Fix obsessed.
4. Adapting all armor and clothing DLC "Dragonborn"
5. Fix named necklaces and rings from DLC1 and DLC2.
6. Lowered stats huskarl armor, making them more readily getting changed it to a set of proposed players.

Attention: Two beast races (khajiits and argonians) are not playable and cannot be chosen for your character when starting the game!

TES 5: "Skyrim" with all official updates.
DLC Dawnguard
DLC Dragonborn

Extract the archive and copy the files into your Skyrim/Data folder. Content of Data folder should be in Skyrim\Data
The "Options" folder contains additional versions of the body. Screens included. It's easy to understand what do you need to do.
First of all install the whole main packet. Then Copy files from the "option" folder if you need them.

It's highly recommended to make the backup of your files before installing this mod. If you won't like this mod you could easily uninstall it and return the previous settings. Also backup your saves.

Just delete all installed files.

You can contact me by email:
My blog: or forum:

Many thanks to all people listed above, who helped me with the creation, testing and supporting of this mod.
So as to web-site: and for all fans who like my mods and wait for the new releases.

Many thanks to all people who created all these mods listed below. Their work was used in this mod:
 "NoMaaM Breathing Idles":
 "Pretty Face Pack":
"No More Blocky Faces":
 "Underworld Armor":
"Dread Knight Armor":
"The Witcher 2 Models":
 "Scout Armor":



  1. Hey man I installed your mod but where can I find all the armor in your screen shot, I have come to the forge and cheat the crafting skill but did not found any clothing like dragon princess or any of the armor above... Your armors are very attractive and they are all the work of arts, please help me. Thank you.

  2. LB2.1 have body and vanilla armors only.
    Dragon princess
    Blood mage
    Yarl clothes
    are stand alone armors.
    They have separate post and download, and installed one by one.

    1. or just look on this pages sidebar where you will find a direct link to all the armors .

  3. will my XP32 skeleton will be compatible with LB?

  4. I have been playing Skyrim for close to nine hundred hours using Caliente's CBBE-curvy edition, and just switched over to LB 2.1. Unfortunately, my PC skin is discoloured with the LB branding on the right side, and mannequins looks like they have serious burns (sexy mannequins - Vyktoria). I shall keep playing with my settings to try and resolve the issue.
    I also cannot find the armours and clothing from the pack. I do have Hearthfire loaded onto the main game - could this be conflicting?

    1. You can`t just switch to LB, you have either start new game or use console showracemenu for you PC to look normal.LB is not compatible with CBBE or UNP (or for any other body replacer) items.Mod sexy mannequins - Vyktoria have to be adapted for use with LB.
      What pack? Standalone armors must be downloaded, installed and activated one by one. Hearthfire do not have conflicts with LB. Generally (not all) Krista Standalone armors can be found at Windhelm marina/docs.
      Also custom races mods must be either disabled or adapted for use with LB.

    2. Since this body is compatible with XP32, is it also compatible with TBBP animation, ECE, bodyslider, RaceMenu and a few of those other popular mods out there? Props to Krista and you Blackelf for sharing this, I like the armors I see for this body too. The other body mods like CBBE are way too skimpy for me, I think ADEC and now LB are now my top favs, I like a balance in body mods and their armor this mod does just that, hope it gets alot of compatibility with mods.

    3. I'm also having the same problem, but I have no other body mods. I believe it is related to lighting mods, I realized that the stains mudão as the shadow of the environment. any solution for this?

    4. down the esp file. for last place in the list of loading, here solved this problem

  5. Will you upload Lady Bat set?

  6. Oops, i missed it. I will upload Lady Bat in a couple of days.

  7. Thank you for the translation work you've done for all of KrisTa's excellent mods! I have encountered a slight problem trying to use the LadyBody.esm to adapt some follower mods in the CK. I get a localization error message and the CK crashes. Any thoughts on how I can fix this on my end? I'm using the English language version of the CK and Skyrim. Thanks in advance!

    1. Exact error massage first. Are you using russian or english LadyBody.esm? Are you using russian or english follower mod? Are your CK capable of loading multiple esm files? Are your CK capable of opening Dawnguard DLC? Are your CK capable of opening Dragonborn DLC? Are your CK capable of opening Dawnguard DLC and Dragonborn DLC same time? What version of OS you have? What version of OS, Skyrim, CK you have?Whant Moon Phase you were trying to do it?

      I`m not telepath, and I have no intension to be tech support for CK that`s Bethesda work.

  8. I was able to figure it...sorry for being vague. It was an issue with my editor.ini not having the Dragonborn.bsa added to the archive list. I had just added that DLC a few days ago and hadn't had a chance to play around with it, this was a new problem for me! Anyhow, thanks again for all your work translating the LB mods. Very much appreciated!

  9. Hey Blackelf. First of all, thanks for the translation, it really help a lot us, who like the LB. I need to ask, if you know where i can found the armor set, the model is using in the teaser picture (that one who has the gargole thing holding a botlle and the model), or the name of it, sorry if i miss read or didn t see, but, i haven t be able to find anything about, and in the russian site, i download all the sets they gave but nothing and i look in some nif files with the mod and nothing... If you could give something i ll be thankful man... Thanks again for your work, and sorry if my english isn t good yet... hehe see ya!

    1. Teaser picture is just picture. it was not ported to Skyrim.

    2. Ok. Thank you for the reply... But the set is really cool... Laters

  10. Hey, LB owns other modules in realism and beauty at the same time. And in texture quality too.
    But i cant use it as it changes race menu language together with some in game texts to non-utf russian, which on my computer looks like @$%^%*^$@$.
    Here is screenshot:

    1. 1. Download english version here
      2. It was not tested with Polish version of game. may require translation and adaptation.

    2. Screw PL ver :) Thx a lot.

  11. Hi Blackeld. First off, love the mod, the textures look great, thanks for the translation work. However, after installing it, I had a variety of issues, which make me think I perhaps did something wrong? I have Skyrim and all expansions through Steam, so I believe it should be updated appropriately, and I copied the folders from your mod into the data folder as instructed.

    Issues I experienced:
    Long loads, and 2-3 complete pc freeezes
    Weird textures on bodies where they show through standard armors (Sapphire in Thieves guild is a good example)
    Seam/skin tone issues not matching between head and body of npc's
    Argonian females have no body at all, just a floating heaad, hands, and feet.

    Any idea what I did wrong?

    1. What you did wrong? I`m not telepath nor Bethesda support.
      You believe your Skyrim updated appropriately, but you did not know patch version(if you know it why you didn`t tell it? ). You tell you have all DLC installed. Аnd you do not tell was they activated or not. You tell your PC freeze and didn`t tell your PC specs.You do not tell how many and which of 100500 mods (custom races, SkyRe, body replacer`s, armor replacer`s, any mod that change NPC or races) installed.You do not tell your load order. You do not tell you started a new game or load save.

    2. -I use no other mods currently
      -i have the game and all DLC through the Steam service, so updates and activation are automatic (at work, will check patch version later)
      -I have no idea how to set load order, or if it matters with only one mod?
      -I can get pc specs later, but have had no issues before now on high settings
      -I used a save file, not a new game

      Sorry if these are "noob" questions, I just haven't used any mods for Sky rim before. I likely did something wrong, I just don't know what it might have been.

      Thanks for any help you can give.

    3. Sorry for the confusion. It took two days, but I finally realized that not all the files got extracted properly. Seems to be better now, thanks. :-)

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Just wanted to say that I was introduced to your mods by a friend and I love how they look. But I am pretty much a noob when it comes to running mods. I did DL the LB 2.1 file and that seems to be running fine. But my character face textures look nothing like what you have in your screenshots. Are you using other mods for those screenshots? If it is not too much trouble, could you list those for me?

    1. Try [LB] Hi-ReS Textures v1.2
      and [LH] Lady Head v0.93
      and maybe Rebalance Light v2.0

  14. I was trying to adapt a custom race mod for use with lady body. What I did was simply replace the mesh and texture files in the mod with the ones from the lady body. Body worked well, but the textures for the hands do not work at all. they show up all weird. Any ideas?

      Q: I installed mod that change races,it`s not using LadyBody. What should i do?
      A: You have to adapt mod that change races for use with LB

      Q: Oh no, the adaptation tutorial you gave is in russian.
      A: Short english version: In LB races use not SkinNaked but SkinNakedLady. To adapt custom race(or any other race mod) for use with LB you have to load LadyBody.esm as master, then load your custom_race.esp, then you have to change skin to SkinNakedLady.

  15. Just want to thank you and the team for your absolutely fantastic work with LB and supporting mods. Your work is so far ahead of the usually clumsy mods I'm used to downloading its a shame that more people aren't enjoying your work. Thanks for creating this web site and allowing us to download your hugely superior and professional mods. I'm not surprised at your skills; you guys have a reputation for being the best in the world - you clearly are.

    These are not just words. I've been able to throw out half my CBBE/UNP mods along with the many mods adjusting this and that to get BBP, body features, animations, eyes, quality textures etc. Currently, I'm only using LB and your armor/clothing mods and have everything looking and working fine. I'm still using ECE because it provides a simple tweaking tool.

    One request - If you could please continue to provide more of your work and perhaps develop your own BBP / LB HDT that would be very appreciated.

    Again - thank you to you and your team - simply great!!!

    1. Alexwar is working on HDT armor. One already done

  16. forgive me im not the best with computers. but I have downloaded lb your directions say to extract the archive ok what program or how do I do that

  17. Question: Does that armor exist in the first picture with the demon bowing to her? That would be great!!

    1. The armor on the first picture with the demon is just art it does not exist in game

  18. yo blackelf love the way this mod looks but I cant get it up and running anywere I can get a step by step instructions I found 1 but it was in French lol anyway thx love your work

  19. Hey Blackelf...just wanted to say thank you for all the work you put into translating Krista's amazing mods. I noticed a small error with the vampclothesf_0.NIF and vampclothesf_1.NIF that Krista modified. The .NIF directs the textures to files named '' and ''...which are actually named '' and '' on my install. I tracked the error down to a texture mod I installed that replaced a slew of vanilla textures (Bethesda Performance Textures mod), and edited the .NIF paths accordingly. The reason I bring this up is just in case anybody else has encountered vampire NPCs in colorless robes in the game while using BPT with LB 2.1. Just wanted to give everybody a heads-up!

    Thanks again, and Krista have made Skyrim so much better for us English speaking folks in the world!

    ~ Noodles

  20. Hey, cant get my NPCs to use the new movement animations. Can someone post a tutorial on how to properly install everything from scratch using NMM? Thanks!

    1. There are only one animation inside LB 2.1 idle breathing which is not a movement animation and definitely not new. if you mean HDT first try reading this then at loverslab turbosundance at loverslab are working on conversion of LB for HDT. Personally I`m not using HDT so can`t you help there. Considering NMM(nexus mod manager) there is a video tutorial for generic use of NMM generaly you extract archive somewhere find data folder. create archive containing only data folder rename it whatever you like and feed it to NMM.There is no proper way of installing any mod using NMM especially if this mods in conflict.

      IMHO NMM is a heresy.
      google Wrye Bash and get ready to read 100500 pages of manual.

  21. Hi ! I really love this mod ! But recently I realized that some rings (vanilla and mod's rings like the Ezuka's wedding rings) do not appear on my character's hands. They are invisible in the first and and third person view. I tried and search so many things but I don't no anything in modding.
    Please, do you know why I have this issue ?
    Thank you for translated LB mods and sorry for my english.

  22. Hello BlackElf.

    At first - thank you very much for your wonderfull work. This body replacer is by far the
    best looking body for Skyrim !

    My friends and i are all using it. Now we have noticed some things wich are strange:
    for some reason it is possible to wear an endless ammout of rings at once, what kinda
    breaks the game balance.
    After i googled i found out, that LB enables some "endless ring cheat" and alters Lydia
    Is it possible to remove that / move those things to an extra mod ?
    I downloaded CreationKit and searched ... but im really new to this and even get
    hundrets of erros on opening the esm.

    Would you please be so kind and point me in the right direction ? I just want to delete
    the cheats. (wearing only 1 or 2 rings)

    Or even better, could you alter the .esm file for me and my friends ? I guess you can
    put the "no cheat version" online as second download on this page - many other
    people will be happy about that "alternative version" :)

    kind regards from your biggest fans,
    lena, martin and chris

    1. I would not be kind, and would not created an "alternative version". Did someone stand behind you and your friends with a gun pointed to your head and say "Equip as much rings as you have" ? You know how many people consider horse fighting, fast travel, equipping two swords, a cheat? If you consider some feature is a cheat, just don`t use it. Stop being a power-gamer. Skyrim is single player RPG. There is no such thing as game balance in single player game. Anyway maintaining two version is asking for a lot of trouble. Two much trouble for the not kind old me.

    2. Ok im sorry BlackElf,

      it just came to my mind, because people (like me) will maybe wonder why the game is so easy on "master", and after some researching they find out, that you should only be able to equip 1 ring. (i didnt knew and finding the origin was hard - i played around with all 20 addons i have until i found it)

      Ok you are right - maintaining 2 verisons is demanded to much.
      But - since those game tweaks have nothing to do with "Body replacement", it would be maybe an good idea to MOVE them into an extra esp named "LB GameTweaks.esp".
      After what i read on the net, some people dont use LB because the basic replacer alters the game. (thats sad)

      So all stays the same, only 1 esp more in the zip. not good ? :)

      if you dont like that solution, anyway Thanks for your time <3

  23. Hi BlackElf,
    Thank you for the wonderful mods, thx I love your work.

  24. When I check off the lady body mod in datafiles the skin from every female body in the game turns blue. only the skin not armour or face ,or hair,...
    I have tried checking off all other mods but even when the only mod it does that :o
    Any idea how I can fix this?

  25. What's happend to Lustmord Vampire Armor?

  26. I installed this mod and my body is nothing but weird colors and I don't know how to fix it. I installed it. I put the Data folder into the Skyrim data folder and moved the ESP file out into the Skyrim data folder and activated it. Did I miss something like do I have to manually install the Lady Body meshes and textures into the skyrim mesh and Texture folders. I'm confused and would appreciate some help

    1. Content of Data folder should be in Skyrim\Data. If you have Skyrim\Data\Data you did it wrong.

  27. Thanks for the help. I'm new to manual installs. Anyway the armor re textures you've included do they just adjust the existing armors to fit the Lady body?

  28. Every time I move the Lady Body files into the Data Folder and the files are inserted. My meshes get wacky in game. Also there's cropping all over the body it's like my meshes are mixing together. I could use some help

  29. Firstly thank you very much for your continued translation of mods for this amazing body. It is truly appreciated.
    I have recently found out the Krista is actually making Lady Body 3,0. But when i tried to use Google translate for more information regarding this amazing body it has failed me. If I may I would like to ask you if you know that if this new body will support all this amazing armors which were made for Lady Body 2.1 also for your very own amazing skimpy version of this armors. Thank you before hand.

    1. "Demonica" LB v.3.0 + LH v2.0 would be a standalone custom race, available for player only, new HH [High Heels] system, do not change NPC in any way, no neck seam, new model and texture for body and head, two custom skeletons, not compatible with everything created for LB2.0 (LB2.1), everything created for LB2.0 must be recreated for LB3.0.
      Short version Demonica LB3.0 is new version of body, for which everything must be created from scratch.

    2. Well that is sad. Do not get me wrong I am happy about the new body and the new HH system all but creating everything from scratch, must be a huge burden for any moder. Also thank you very much for a very fast reply.

  30. The mod is great but I hace one question. It concerns the lingerie in the first screenshot at the top. What armor is that and where can I find it?

    1. Teaser picture(one who has the gargole thing holding a botlle and the model) is just picture. it was not ported to Skyrim.

  31. When is the 3.0 version going to be released?


  32. Yeah, tryed that, but my male character ends up beeing a women :D....I meant like Lady Body 2.1 there will be Lady Body 3.0

    1. In a sense, Demonica = Lady Body 3.0/complete overhaul of LB which is why there is no actual LB 3.0 release. Everything now will be made specifically for Demonica (except maybe a few things here and there for LB 2.0 such as the stockings that were just released).

  33. So I cant get the newest version without having my male turn into a women? Well. 2.1 is simply awesome and do not mind sticking to it...

  34. Hey, just thought I'd let you know. The Blind Moth Priest's feet model (dlc01>clothes>blindmothpriest>blindmothpriestsandalsf_0/1.nif) has a new model of sandals and the texture paths refer to newsandals(_n).dds, but the textures don't seem to be included with the mod.

  35. Hey Blackelf, i am having a problem with running LB, i have all of the required DLs, no conflicting body mods, no custom races. but when i start a new game, the textures on my character are in the complete wrong place, like i see the feet on the shoulder and the bellybutton on the leg. If you can provide some insight to why this is happening, that would be great. Thanks.

  36. hey blackelf, igot a big problem... :(, and hope u can help, cause that it really great work, and the very best skin for skyim ever *__*

    everytime i start skyrim it crashes instant(short bevor mainmenu), i've allready tried de-/reinstall the game; only aktiv mods are LadyBody.esp, Dawnguard.esm and HearthFires.esm.

    i've got LadyBody 2.1, fix dummies, and updated skelleton (v2.2).

    deactivated all my other mods, but it crashes instant all time. u got some idea what i can try?

    1. first i thought it will maybe cause i missied to buy dragonborn, but i now i got, and now chaning, crashing like before..

  37. Hello Blackelf, i installed this body type correctly, no skyrim/data/data but everything is in place. Yet this happens :( any ideas what is wrong?

    1. you have to drop it in steam/steamapps/common/skyrim/data not data/data hope i can help you

  38. I am planning on using LB for the first time in a new playthrough and I use skyrim beautiful followers, will LB work with that mod? It only changes the faces of the followers but it uses sg textures for the faces. I am planning on using LB for the npc's and Demonica for my player. Thanks for the translations and all your work.

    1. If it`s male NPC no problem. If it`s a vanilla female npc then it will depends on who is last in load order. if it`s standalone female npc neck seam would be your first problem.

    2. Thanks for the reply. I did some experimenting and found that any face enhancement mod that contains its own textures will mess up the LB textures, no matter the load order, but Npc Overhaul and Decent Women does work because they don't have any textures. In my set up they need to be above LB in load order but may be different for some.